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You've probably met in your life, at least once person who does not know the sadness, melancholy, dejection and depression. Want to know their secret? It's very simple – they read books. Not just of times, but constantly, in every spare minute. They do not wait to capricious fate gives them a chance to get another batch of positive emotions, and take them yourself from the books. Of course, you can watch a good movie, but it does not give the same positive charge as it will make the book. In the movie you are a bystander, and in the book – you are a participant in the events. You involuntarily associate yourself with the hero and worry with him. You draw a picture of what is happening, smell, taste, light breeze. You live in the era that is described in the book. Reading allows you to try on thousands of images and characters and to choose the most preferred. When you have the opportunity to live several lives, to feel sad and despair just once. You begin to notice the beauty of the world and the proximity of the stars. You become more attentive and more tolerant to others. Reading – you learn to enjoy every day.

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